Candle Care


  • Never leave a burning candle unattended;
  • Always place candles on even, fire resistant surfaces;
  • Always leave at least 1cm of wax at the bottom of the vessel for safety reasons;
  • Keep away from children and pets.


 First Burn

  • For best results always allow wax to melt to the edges of the vessel. This ensures the candle will burn evenly all the way to the bottom. 
  • Only ever burn a candle for a maximum of 3 hours at a time; 

  Consequent Burns

  • Trimming the wick to 5mm before lighting each time is recommended so the candle burns cleanly. If the jar is going black it is because your wick is too long, causing too big a flame.
  • It is recommended you extinguish the candle when there is only 1cm left in the jar, this ensures the metal wick holder does not cause the jar to overheat. Tip the remaining wax out and wash in warm soapy water.